SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

I have "On Site" SEO knowledge from 3 years of constructing websites with this in mind, reading news articles and experiments that I've trialled on various websites. 

On Site

  • structure of the site (using URLs with keywords in them)
  • structure of the document (ensuring that tkeywords appear often and prominently in the title, description metatag, H tags and the copy)
  • use of a sitemap.xml file (and use of the robots.txt file to inform search engines of the sitemap) - I use Google's Sitemap generator ( to generate sitemaps.
  • use of webmaster tools & analytics to help decide which keywords/phrases to target.

Off Site

I do not have a lot of experience with "Off Site" SEO, I'm simply aware of these:

  • posts on forums, blogs etc. for inbound links.
  • linking with correct attribution text in the A tag.

Happy to work as an Employee, Consultant, Contractor / Self Employed or via Limited Company