Android Application development

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Since getting my G1 in 2008 I have developed and custom compiled a number of apps.


This is the most ambitious and wide ranging development effort I've ever taking on privately.  The Android APK is just a part of a suite of webapplications, RESTful APIs and 3rd Party integrations.  More details.


I've more modified the source of Linphone to allow it to autoprovision onto an Asterisk PBX using only the phone's unique IMEI number and to allow out of the box SIP URI dialling.

I've trialed this 2-4 devices geographically spread.  I was approached by a company in Japan based on this work, but unfortunately lanuage barrier and financial consideration meant this was dead end.


  • National Rail train times (consumed and presents the NR JSON data)
  • Photo Uploader (Android with PHP backend)
    • This is largely surpassed now (2013), by and app that registers against the "context sensitive" options for image and video media and allows the file to be uploaded / shared from the gallery using a robust upload mechanism that will chunk the media and continue across changes in connectivity.  After upload a is link sent via email to a dynamically updateable closed group of users who use the app to avoid media inadvertently becoming public domain.
  • Contacts Import/Export which I use to backup and restore contacts to XML and then email off the device. 
I've also made some modifications to an existing calendar app
so that it can sync with Funambol's server using the SYNCML protocol.

Having changed to OwnCloud and iCal I've moved to aCal which has sync and multiple calendar capabilities built in.

Happy to work as an Employee, Consultant, Contractor / Self Employed or via Limited Company