Owning an Audi R8 V8


These are all mapped along with a number of my other (non R8) journeys including maps, altitudes and timelapse videos of the journey.


  1. Lifting, Jacking onto Axle stands
  2. Removing Sill covers


  1. I struggled to find a Mobile Phone mount that worked, so I made one myself.
  2. Side Blade Wrap (Matrix digital print)
  3. Getting in and out (to avoid damaging the seat)

There are countless bloggers online with views on owning R8s.  I got quite a lot of information from watching YouTube videos, but apart from this being my personal journey it doesn't have the banal "chat" that you have to forward through to find useful facts.

One of the fun things I've done is take photo's of things I've had in the luggage compartment...