I began to take a serious interest in producing standards compliant HTML when a really good web designer arrived at Pierce Protocols in 2006.

I learned a lot from him, notably the value of adherence to the standards.  I'm quite proud of this site - the valiation logos at the bottom of each page are not just for show, you're invited to click them.

In addition to validation I also beleive a site should visually degrade well wherever possible and endevour to provide a useable experience to people without javascript and css. (This site for instance will not display the 'tooltips' if the window is too narrow).

I've used the wurfl.xml file as a resource to detect mobile devices and show the same content with a simpler markup (e.g. avoiding a jCarosel causing nav issues on smartphones).

I find Frontend web development therapeutic and, with the results visible to many more people, rewarding.

I have more recently aligned my web development efforts with the jQuery library where non static content is concerned.

My most recent project is worldfirst.com (November 2010) - I was fully responsible for HTML, CSS and JS, translating design input from PSD files (and telephone conversation) given by the design company.

I've now become interested in using css "sprites" rather than individual images for the efficiencies this achieves in sending images over TCP/IP.

Happy to work as an Employee, Consultant, Contractor / Self Employed or via Limited Company