PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

My first dalliance with php was in 2002 (v4.0) on my personal website to evaluate it as a replacement for Perl.

The first commercial implementation was in 2005, it used very little Object Orientation (OO). I gained some more experience in 2006 when I joined Pierce Protolcols (store front websites for Art Dealers and Jewellers, a web messaging application and a client-server PHP/Java post card printing site).

In 2007 at The Creative Store I introduced OO PHP for MySQL database access, HTML rendering and data cleansing.  The HTML class could be extended to provide specialist eCommerce methods for sites requiring these.

Interfacing with payment gateways at Protx (now Sage Pay) and ePDQ was also acheived in PHP.

I gained experience with more diverse Web services when contracting to add a stock availability check and PayPal payment option to a website supplying parts for the Suziki Cappuccino sports cars.  

During 2008 at World First I began a contract to support and further develop a vast legacy Back office web application written in a mixture of OO and functional/procedural code with some intersting challenges.

In 2009 I created a SWIFT Class to facilitate connecting the LAMP application to payment Counter Parties, part of this work was claimed as R&D due the use of PHP in a Financial environment.

In early 2010 I made an attempt at a PHP FIX solution, and although I deemed this a failure within hours it did teach me the basics that are hidden by FIX libraries (we ended up staying with QuickFIX/J).  The PHP attempt is here (for reference only), it shows a login, quote request and the checksum calculation for field 10 as well as passing the quote to shared memory).

Common 3rd party PHP libraries/projects that I am familair with:-

  • phpmailer - to create and send HTML emails
  • FPDI - Import existing PDF documents into FPDF
  • PHPLOT - to render traffic graphs from MySQL Radius records
  • Joomla (previously Mambo)




OO Zend Application


server side of android apps XML binding

XML and JSON to contain it

Happy to work as an Employee, Consultant, Contractor / Self Employed or via Limited Company