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Paul Sullivan


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I've been active in Information and Communication Technology since leaving University in 1995 - in Teaching, Support, Systems Management and Programming roles until ending up as head of a 10 member IT department in 2009. Since leaving in 2013 I've been gaining experience in a large multinational, specifically around interdiciplinary Proof of Concepts, Software Testing and Agile development.


Last Updated: 2017-03-03

I've continued to be active in Systems Management (Linux, Windows) and Development (PHP, Java, Android) projects and, at times fulfill a a Project Management role. Ideally I would not like to be confined to a single field.  IT is a huge discipline and I've found my broad experience to be an advantage in every position sooner or later. My wholistic view results in the formation of more realistic expectations for everyone involved.

Financial Services - "specialist foreign exchange"

Financial Services - "expert currency brokers"

ISP - VoIP Call Rating System

University / Teriary Education - "Where leaders learn"

Services Offices - "serviced offices / business centres"

Financial Services - "unparalleled currency service for top-tier clients"

Retail Fashion - "parent company of several retail fashion brands....operate over 1250 stores in 38 countries"

ISP - DNS Amplification / Reflection

Creative Agency - in Events Management space

Creative Agency - "unified healthcare communications agency"

Property - "privately owned, independent firm of property consultants"

Creative Agency - "dynamic digital studio"

Financial Services - "expert currency brokers"

Financial Services - "unparalleled currency service for top-tier clients"

Financial Services - "Specialists in foreign currency exchange"

Software Development - "leading and innovative Information and Communication Technology solutions"

Financial Services - "Specialists in foreign currency exchange"

Work as an Employee, Consultant, Contractor / Self Employed or via Limited Company

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Originally from East London in South Africa. I recently moved to Dorking, Surrey having previously lived in the London Borough of Sutton and Cape Town