Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan


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Agile software development

Being a "Waterfall" child, this was an aspect of my last management position that I didn't feel I fully understood.  Having now now been part of an Agile team for over 2 years I feel I have a total understanding of the concept and the pitfalls in implementation.

In an attempt to provide some detail I've made some notes around our experience of the philosophy:

We have a standup every day, and even had a qualified scrum master for a few months, that includes Devs, PMs and Testers - this has helped to bring the various members to better mutual understandings and aided effective communication.

Work as an Employee, Consultant, Contractor / Self Employed or via Limited Company

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Originally from East London in South Africa. I recently moved to Dorking, Surrey having previously lived in the London Borough of Sutton and Cape Town