Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan


Skills / Experience

Virtualisation & iSCSI:  Proxmox (KVM, OpenVZ) and VMWare (ESXi)

Virtualisation in a production environment :-

I have also worked with Microsoft's Hyper-V and Oracle's VirtualBox for testing and development.

Virtualisation is often coupled with iSCSI, I have experience with this for both internode backups/redundancy (linux openiSCSI*) and as an abstracted data store for processing units (DELL SAN).

When I joined World First in 2008 I introduced OpenVZ to virtualise the development server allowing each of the expanding development team a seperate dev environment that still matched the live environment easily managed from the host.


*1: I have compiled the iSCSI kernel module from source on a Proxmox (installed on Debian) installation to apply a patch to a production system where SMART commands were found to be causing a kernel panic in the iSCSI target.


Work as an Employee, Consultant, Contractor / Self Employed or via Limited Company

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Originally from East London in South Africa. I recently moved to Dorking, Surrey having previously lived in the London Borough of Sutton and Cape Town