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Lifting onto Axle Stands



  1. Retrieve the jack from the tool kit, or find a suitable alternative
  2. Raise the jack into the recess in the sill just below the sideblade
  3. Jack high enough to place axle stands front and rear and repeat on the other side

Axle Stand Placement

It seems that the car should not rest on it's axles...  there are approved jacking points for resting on an ice hockey puck style stand... I didn't have any of these.  I cut some circles from MDF and glued them onto a shaft that went down the center of the stand tube (to ensure the car didn't slide off).

Diagram showing stand placement:

Placement of the front stand (passenger side on a RHD)

Front Stand

Placement of the rear stand (passenger side on a RHD) inside the circle visible under the car...

Rear Stand

Lifting the R8 to work on it isn't terrible, but I struggled to find cohesive non-conflicting iformation online.

I've done this.  All was OK.  (Obviously you use this at your own risk)

The UK market seems to get a small scissor jack that is not supplied to other markets.  You either have it in the tool kit or the depression is empty. 

This jack lifts the entire side of the car at a time.  The result is apparently unstable and thus it is referred to online as the "suicide jack" (;

This makes sense, however, I had no trouble lifting my R8 on a flat garage floor.  I can see how the car could topple if left in this state or one were working on an uneven surface.