The Production, filming, sound and editing of short films

I make holiday videos no one watches. 

To do this I use


A collection of action cameras Akaso V50xs, and a Brave 6 plus.  A Sony ZV-1 and an Autel Evo Nano+ drone.

Editing Software:

Kdenlive on Debian.  I tried Davinci Resolve, but it was too diffuclt / complicated and kdenlive does everything I've needed.

There is some pre-editing in Avidemux and the ZV-1 allows the use of Catalyst Browse to stabalise clips from accelerometer data.


It became apparent to me that this helped me recall memories.  In the first iteration no one else was interested but more recently with MUCH higher production value some friends and colleagues "tolerate" the filming and almost enjoy watching the final production.


This started in 2017 with simple timelapses from a mobile phone velcro'd to my rearview mirror.

Over the next 5 years I expanded to action cameras with custom mounts and a drone, all of which were used in a multi camera set up to film and edit a drive up (and down) the Furka pass in Switzerland.  This included reproducing the James Bond Goldfinger Furka sequence in my R8.

Goldfinger Furka R8

I've more recently added the ZV-1 which has allowed further exploration that wasn't available with only action cameras.

I upload some videos to YouTube (under a nom de plume and with no friends/family identifiable).  Most of my productoin is shared with the subjects of the video - and for internal use only.