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First National Bank

"how can we avoid helping you"

FNB's customer service is at very best impersonal - they insist on using generic email addresses, you can't call a branch directly and their online RBJacobs persona's amnesia is because they're not real, so don't expect any consistency or follow up there. 

UPDATE October 2015
Due to the wholly inefficient organisation that FNB is I've closed all my chargeable accounts and in protest am leaving the fees waived account open.  The level of incompetence and jobsworthiness is evidenced by the fact that in closing my credit card there was a small credit they needed to pay me.  Despite having a current account with FNB, they insisted I confirm the details.  When I suggested they arrange a time for a recorded call they proceeded to pay the money into the account anyway. 
19 Oct 2015
This organisation DOESN'T CARE.  This organisation is INCOMPETANT.

Everybody who got involved with my case wanted to call me, in the end they wanted to come and SEE me

FNB: email is acceptable business communication, many people prefer it over social media and telephone calls, perhaps you should learn to use it.


Don't bank with FNBIf you need something that is not a box on a form - say a human who can listen, understand, and revert - you're sunk.  Don't bother with FNB if you want any kind of personal response.  I did notice that when I closed a huge account it triggered a retention procedure - giving the impression some clients are more equal than others.


FNB's customer service is non existentI made a request for email contact details at the Mobray branch of FNB in mid August 2014, specifically indicating that I had a complicated request and that I didn't want to repeat it. 

I don't like calling call centers.

In the branch I not only had to repeat myself 3 times, but also suffer though being told I could do this online (it was patently obvious the manager who told me this didn't listen or understand the details, but I logged in and he eventually admitted that it was at best unobvious online).

I left the branch having wasted 40 minutes with nothing to show.

I tweeted @Rbjacobs and eventually emailed (this is almost certainly a toothless pointless illiterate marketing creation - EDIT: LOL, it seems I was right, this isn't a single real person) with more details specifically requesting that they/it/he/she forward my email to "someone at he bank who has experience with ExPat Banking" and cc me.

Despite 50+ emails in various chains over 2+ weeks to that address and contact with 3 managers, no less than 3 SD numbers (complaints / tickets) being raised I have NEVER received what I asked for and nor did they reply to say that they would not do it. Imagine my frustration.

FNB clearly has noone with experience in exPat banking.  Their involvement in is a complete joke. Someone needs to make that clear to any ex-pat looking to return to ZA.

FNB have wasted 2 weeks of my time, I've opened accounts at another bank and moved my investment - all at my own costs and time - because no one gets back to me with a yes or a no.  Everyone said they would, but no one actually DID, they just pass the issue on to someone else. 

They failed to understand a simple request to forward an email and cc me.

Instead they have

  1. opened an application for a service I wasn't sure I wanted (I wanted information). I have some evidence this has happened.
  2. coerced me to give them details of my affairs they have never acted upon, and probably never intended to.  Perhaps this is something I need to pick up with the Ombusman.

In the end Capitec gave me better service (I call the actual branch I nearest by default), better interest rates AND they told me when they weren't able to provide me with a service I requested.

If you're an FNB customer looking for a non generic email for an FNB customer services issue (specifically in the Cape Town area) please contact me and I'll hand over the details I have gained during this process.  My advice has to be, though, that you leave FNB as soon as you can.

Hires FNB logo - How can we avoid helping you


Customer service so terrible it takes 2 weeks, 3 branch managers and 3 complaint numbers and over 50 emails to not deliver on a simple request to get the email address of someone who has experience with Ex Pat banking issues.

FNB does not act like it values it's clients, although there are some individuals who work there that may, it's not enough.

UPDATE: 2014-10-07

Despite (acknowledged) mentions of this page on FNBs social media none of the staff involved have done anything futher.

I have now been presented with an issue on a Company account with FNB (that I am not the primary bank contact for, this issue existed completely indepentantly of me) and I have run into bad service (at least lack of expectation management, more likely completely incorrect information given on a telephone call) there too.  This is also a different FNB department - there is clearly an attidude at FNB that makes ignoring customers acceptable.

UPDATE: 2014-09-12

A branch manager has been tasked to see me, by the Regional Manager.  Clearly no effective communication with the parties involved at FNB.  A previous Branch Manager - also in Cape Town - has already attempted this (see details below) I've never had any contact about the referral on the 2014-09-03 after lengthly emails and a telephone calls with her.

UPDATE: 2014-09-08


UPDATE: 2014-09-03

A branch manager has sent my query through to the Non-resident centre (2014-09-01).  Clearly there are FNB staff who purport to be what I'm looking for, but none of them have ever emailed me. My original message to RBJacobs was sent 2014-08-11, so perhaps everyone in that department was on holiday for 3 weeks with no Out of Office!?