We-flip / GoCompare are crap

In April 2019 I used We-flip / GoCompare to choose a new energy provider.  It didn't go well.

They incorrectly passed my address on to EON as a different flat in the same block (I realised this in retrospect, it was not obvious at the time as the communicaton was electronic).

In the end this has cost 2 months on a standard variable trarrif with British Gas because the wrong supply was taken over and British Gas continued to supply me.

Compliance process is very one sided.  If I call them they comply me. If they call me (they say they can't, but when they realise how serious it is they do call [from 03453015315 +443453015315) but insist on complying me.



Messed up EON account -

Messup British Gas account

2019-10-28 : Raised a formal complaint with EON



weflip.com is in fact just a trading name of GoCompare they are on 01633654060 (+441633654060) compliance direct 01633654735 (+441633654735)

June the issue was noticed

It's taken