Is British Gas just too big for to give Customer Service that is reasonable?

I've been unable to 'get though' to someone at British Gas, the transcript below is with the case worker allocated to the complaint.

The exchange below is most recent in a month long string of 12 emails (each), 7 tweets and 3 facebook messages (I'm ignoring BG's "sorry you're having trouble we'll chase" replies).

Britsh Gas Case Worker


You’ve advised that you was unhappy that we sent you an email asking you to provide your meter reading but that you were unable to reply to this email with your readings. I’d clarified that the way in which these emails are sent means customers cannot respond by replying to the email. The email does advise not to reply. You’ve advised that you’d prefer to provide your reading this way.

That is not correct, that evidence do you base this on?  If I'd have bothered to reply I'd have indicated that (a) it's bad practice to send an email ASKING for something that CAN'T BE REPLIED TO and (b) that it's really just plain rude.

I’ve advised that I have passed your feedback on. If a customer provides feedback about ways in which our service or processes can be improved this is recorded via an internal database. This information is then used by our business improvement team help us shape future improvements. When we submit feedback on the database we’re provided with a reference number to confirm that we’ve added the feedback. The reference number I was given on this occasion was 15012613. I’m unable to provide any other form of confirmation that your feedback has been raised.

Well, then we have some progress. I require more than just a "I sent this to someone, but have no idea what will happen" - you've reached the limit of what you can do. You need to escalate the matter. It is not resolved until I know whether this WILL RECIEVE action AND BY WHEN or if I'm just being fobbed off and NEED TO START A MORE PUBLIC campaign to get you to do something.

I provided you with an email address that you could send your meter readings too. Unfortunately I did provide you with the incorrect email address initially however I did provide you with the correct one in my email dated 10 November 2015. To clarify the correct emailaddress I’m sorry for providing the wrong details initially.

Understood and I've sent the readings to BOTH. And asked you to confirm that they were received and correctly entered. Have you done this?

We would look to offer a goodwill gesture if there’s been service failing however on reviewing your complaint I can confirm that there hasn’t been any service failings.

I'm sure the public will feel different. Your SERVICE includes CUSTOMER SERVICE and your CUSTOMER SEVICE has proven to be unable to understand and properly reply to email. To EVEN GET a reply I've need to chance multiple times and often by social media, once I needed to make a phone call that lasted 20 minutes to just get a response. You can close the complaint when you've either

  1. Addressed the issues raised in detail and in writing, or
  2. Admit they exist, but refuse to fix them, or
  3. Deny they exisit.

I stand by the compensation claim based on the details above.

What I'd actually initially complained about was that I'd been advised that I create (and by implication) maintain an online account to submit meter readings.  British Gas denies they have a security issue, but given my experience would they even know!?  Either way - I neither want (nor do I need) an online account. I suggested they request the meter readings with a GUID in an email.  Simple, Cheap, Easy.