Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan


This tool was born out of frustration expienced in solving computer generated Sudoku puzzles (from my TV) where there is clearly an ambiguous solution.

The logic is very basic, it just blindly tries every number in every block filling in any with a single solution and continues until a pass is unable to solve anymore. (It's then either unsolveable or solved)

Please note:

  1. in some situations the answer given here is one of a number of possible correct ones.
  2. will not solve puzzles where Hidden Singles etc. are necessary in the solutions (I've had my fun, and there are other more complete Sudoku sites)


Sudoku 9x9 problem solver

Enter the clues in the grid below and submit, if there is a solution you'll see it!

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Originally from East London in South Africa. I recently moved to Dorking, Surrey having previously lived in the London Borough of Sutton and Cape Town