Paul Sullivan

Paul Sullivan


Click on a rate pair to see the graphs appear under their respective headings on the left.

LHS/RHS shows an example of a new page load, LHSRHS (no /) shows an example of an in page load.

Foreign Exchange (FX) rate / Currency graphs API and rendering with jqPlot

Currency graphs are a nice-to-have marketing for a website, perhaps as a "free to see", value added service.

Yahoo, Google and others offer this free, but with their branding and limitations. To get the raw data and produce your own branded graphs means an agreement with a data provider such as Reuters and will be costly.

The option presented here uses delayed market pricing, by about an hour, for a non margin trading application should be adequate.


Short term

Long term Candlestick chart with 30 day moving average

One plot per day, Open, Hi, Low and Close. Zoom using the mouse.

Click on a rate pair in the column on the right to see the Candlestick chart from June 2013 to date

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Originally from East London in South Africa. I recently moved to Dorking, Surrey having previously lived in the London Borough of Sutton and Cape Town